Textile art collage

The “Westmeath Experience – Celebrating the best of Craft” began this week in Mullingar. The week consists of a programme of workshops and craft events in Mullingar with another week planned 17th to 22nd in Ballinahown, Athlone.

As part of the event I had the pleasure of running two textile workshops on Monday for children and adults. In one, we did a textile collage onto a series of different images. The children chose their designs and then selected the fabric to make up the collage. Here are some of their very impressive creations.

In the afternoon, with a group of adults and children, we tried out a patch work technique to produce a soft toy ball as a gift idea for newborn baby. Again I was very impressed with the care and attention they gave to the work. One of the participant’s at this workshop had never sewn in her life before and yet managed to get everything nicely assembled. It was a really enjoyable day and a great start to the week in the Made in Westmeath shop.

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